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CDS R-SCAN Registry

The CDS Radiology Support Communication and Alignment Network Registry (CDSR) is the newest registry under the umbrella of the American College of Radiology’s National Radiology Data Registry. The CDSR provides access to a subset of a facility’s imaging clinical decision support (CDS) data. Currently, participation is available for facilities that have CareSelect™ Imaging/ACR Select provided by the National Decision Support Company (NDSC).

The CDSR offers an interactive report that provides feedback on referring providers’ adherence to the ACR’s Appropriate Criteria®. Report filters include:

  • Imaging topic areas, e.g., low back pain, headache,
  • Imaging clinical indications
  • Ordering departments, practices, or groups along with a breakdown of the respective number of cases ordered
  • Date range

The CDSR provides data that facilitates conduct of an R-SCAN quality improvement project, a mechanism for radiologists and referring clinicians to collaborate on improving the ordering of imaging exams that add value to patient care.

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